Ultrafast fibre broadband is coming to Scaldwell

Great news! Gigaclear have started works on our brand new ultrafast network in your village and thought we’d tell you exactly what’s coming up. While we aim to minimise disruption, we’d like to thank you in advance for your patience as we carry out our work.

What we’re doing 
Our network is built entirely underground. It’s more reliable, future proof and there are fewer visible elements – we only leave individual connection pots, similar to water access points, above ground which are all connected back to one centralised green cabinet that will be situated in a suitable location on the public highway within the village.

Our current plans and processes are:

  • The build of your new fibre network is scheduled to commence in July 2016.
  • We will install a fibre broadband connection point (‘pot’) at the boundary of all properties.
  • After the installation, the connection points (‘pots’) will need to be tested by our engineers, which will take to the end of November 2016.
  • Once your (‘pot’) has been tested, we will notify you to book your in-property installation.

Please note:

  • We anticipate the Gigaclear network to be fully built by the end of November 2016. 
  • Customers will get connected progressively throughout the network build.
  • Different criteria and schedule may apply to properties situated on public highways than to those located on private land. 
  • We cannot forecast the exact date when individual properties will be connected, but we will keep you informed as work progresses.

Whilst we aim to complete our work by these estimated dates, they may be subject to change due to external factors that are not under our control.

For updates, follow us on:
Twitter: @Gigaclear
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gigaclear


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