New recycling bins are being delivered to households across Daventry District in preparation for changes to the collection service this summer.

The blue-lidded wheelie bins will replace the red and blue recycling boxes from 4 June, removing the need for residents to separate their recyclables and providing extra space to recycle large cardboard.

They are being delivered to nearly 38,000 households over the course of the next five weeks ahead of the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service, which is being introduced by Daventry District Council (DDC) and its new environmental services partner Daventry Norse.

Anyone who does not receive their new bin by 31 May should contact DDC by emailing recycling@daventrydc.gov.uk or phoning 01327 871100. Residents who do not receive a bin within two days of their neighbours receiving theirs should also get in touch with the Council.

People should continue to use their old recycling boxes until the last collection before the new service starts on 4 June.

It is not planned to collect the boxes after the switchover. Once washed out they can be put to a range of different uses, or alternatively taken to a household waste recycling centre.

Collected fortnightly, the new blue-lidded bins will give people more space for recycling over two weeks than the current weekly box collections, and will help stop items getting wet or blowing away.

They form part of the new 1-2-3+ Collection Service, which will comprise:

  • 1: a weekly food waste collection
  • 2: a fortnightly mixed recycling collection in a new blue-lidded wheelie bin
  • 3: A general waste black bin collection every three weeks
  • +: An optional fortnightly garden waste service for an annual fee of £35 per bin, per year.

More details about the new service, including information about changes to collection days, will be sent out to households in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit www.daventrydc.gov.uk/binchange

“Speeding is considered to be the number 1 issue in Northamptonshire villages” 

For those that have not been involved in this project before – this scheme is about the community coming together with the Police as a partnership with the aim of reducing the speed of traffic passing through our villages.

Traffic passing through this village continues to rise sharply and with this comes increasing speeds being recorded.

The latest data set showed 46% of traffic passing through the village at some point were speeding above the 30mph limit, to put this into context this was approx 6500 motorists speeding through Scaldwell or a minimum of 800 vehicles speeding every day. Of these 16% were speeding above 35 mph! with speeds recorded as high as 45-50mph.

Along with many other villages in Northamptonshire we have the opportunity to undertake speed monitoring by way of use of Police provided speed cameras- details of speeding traffic is then past to the Police who will take appropriate action.

We have been offered monitoring equipment on a shared basis with Brixworth over a 6 week period from 16th June to 21st July – giving us 3 weeks usage in total.


To make this a success – I need volunteers

Full training will be provided via the Police – The next training session is due to be held on 2nd June at 9.30am in Northampton.

If you would like to support this activity but want to know more about what is required then please do not hesitate to contact me. Please indicate if you are able to support this community action by completing and returning the attached slip – alternatively please e.mail me or leave a message with the required information at the e-mail address/ number below.


Phil Purcell,
Springbank, Old Rd, 882640