Have you seen this cute cat?

This young male black cat is probably travelling between Brixworth and Old so may well be coming through Scaldwell. If you see him, please call Alex on 07544 817994.

Many thanks and please keep your eyes skinned!

The church had its annual clean on the 3rd August. Polished from top to bottom by a great team of volunteers, fuelled by tea and scones. Thanks to everyone who generously gave their time to keep our church looking so spick and span.

If you missed last year’s Scaldwell Club Treasure Hunt, it will have been a long year of regret and sorrow. But cheer up! The Treasure Hunt has returned and it’s better than ever. Meet at 5pm in your car at the Green on the 7th September for a fun-filled and challenging search for clues in the surrounding countryside. The prize will be….well come along and find out…..

Actual prize may vary…