At the Club we’ve noticed that attendance on Saturday nights when we are not running an event is dwindling away. We just wanted to let the village know that we are thinking about changing the opening days and closing on a Saturday unless we have a specific event on. Nothing is going to change until the end of May but unless we see an uptick in usage we cannot really see the point in someone taking time away from their family to work behind an empty bar. We’ll keep you posted. Best wishes, the Club Committee

The Village Hall was transformed into a nightclub for a swish party on New Year’s Eve. Casino Royale played on the big screen while Eddie Cochran and his band played two superb sets. A fun casino also provided entertainment to guests enjoying champagne and canapés. A great evening was had by all and the Club Committee would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to put the event on, those who served on the night and last but not least the bleary-eyed crew that turned up the next morning to clear up!

Scaldwell Club would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated so generously to our main fund raiser. There was a good sized crowd at the shared lunch and auction; the “kids-only” lots attracted particularly fierce bidding. Thank you to everyone who came, bought and endured the auctioneer’s dreadful jokes, raising some £1,300 in the process.