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During the current crisis it is essential that we look out for each other. We have several people in our village who the NHS classifies as “vulnerable” i.e. they are more at risk if they catch the coronavirus.

Accordingly there is a group on WhatsApp – Scaldwell Helping Hands – which has over thirty people who have volunteered to do what they can in the event of need. Every house in the village has received a leaflet with the name of the person who is the first point of contact in the event of problems.

What does help look like? Well, if you are self-isolating perhaps you need someone to go to buy food for you? Collect a prescription? Perhaps there is a dog that needs walking? Whatever the issue, if you are vulnerable, or self-isolating please do not hesitate to reach out. There is a Helping Hand waiting to help you – at a distance, of course, of 6 feet!




One thought on “Scaldwell Helping Hands

Lynn Hart says:

Hi, please could you signpost people to this site and core document if they are walking peoples dogs, or looking after pets for them.

Also, if anyone needs any help with animals, I live in East End, and am experienced in husbandry for a huge range of animals, including exotic reptiles, mammals, invertebrates, birds, fish, etc.

If anyone needs advice on any pet’s they are looking after, or needs me to help with exotics etc, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Also PLEASE can we signpost people to this NHS volunteer website and poster.. All of these volunteers are vetted / DBS checked, and waiting to help!



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