Chris Heaton-Harris, the MP for Daventry, is collating a list of takeaway and delivery services being offered locally within the district, with contact details and any specific information that’s been provided by the businesses themselves. See the link here

Unfortunately there are some people who see the current pandemic as an opportunity to try and fleece others. We’ve had the following warning from the Peterborough Diocese about attempts to get personal data.

‘Calls from somebody claiming to be from Public Health England, asking residents if they had received their letter from the government and then asking if they have support from family and friends, etc. and trying to obtain personal details’

Needless to say, we all need to be extremely careful and not give out personal data over the phone unless we are 100% confident about the identity of the person on the other end of the line! If you get such a call as above, please decline to give any information.

For everyone self-isolating or needing help which the Scaldwell Helping Hands group can’t provide, please see the information below from Daventry Council, which has launched a help-line.

New Coronavirus support line launched A new support line has been launched to support the most vulnerable members of our community. The new support line – which can be reached on 0300 126 1000 (Option 5) – allows those who cannot leave their homes under current restrictions and those who have nobody to call upon for help, to request support in getting access to food, prescriptions and other vital services that they require. There are a large number of people across Northamptonshire who are currently in isolation for various reasons. These include individuals displaying symptoms of Coronavirus and those with existing health conditions, those who are pregnant or those aged 70 and above. The Customer Service Centre at Northamptonshire County Council will be managing the helpline, ensuring that each call is appropriately triaged so that individuals receive the care and support that is appropriate to their needs. The Community Resilience Service will co-ordinate requests for help in conjunction with the District and Borough Councils, mapping those requests by area and linking them up with local community groups, volunteers and voluntary organisations who have pledged their support 

Those requiring help are asked to call the support line on the following number: 0300 126 1000 (option 5) People can also email nccg.communityresilience.covid19@nhs.net and ask for help, or fill in our online form

Find out more about the range of support on offer during this time on our Coronavirus advice pages

A couple of cars have been parked on the piece of ground between the gates leading into the playing field. Please note that the whole of the playing field, including this area, is closed under government orders and the bottom gates will be locked soon. Thanks from Scaldwell Playing Field Committee