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Did you know that there is a local charity with funds available to persons aged up to 25 years and resident within the parishes of Brixworth and Scaldwell?

Cash grants are available to any qualifying person for use for educational purposes. Grants can be made to assist in the purchase of school uniform, books, course materials, musical instruments and computer equipment and may also be available towards the costs of travelling expenses linked to an educational venture including school trips.

Any person who wishes to apply should either pick up an application form from the Library in Brixworth. Alternatively an application form and any further details about the Charity can be obtained from the Clerk to the Trustees Ursula Morris on 505554 or by email: ursula@ursulamorris.co.uk

Meetings of the Trustees are held twice yearly to consider applications. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th September 2017

 The Thomas Roe Foundation : Reg. Charity no 309801.

Scaldwell Club warmly invites you to the:

Party in the Park
Saturday August 19th
3 pm to 11pm

Location – the Scaldwell Village Park (@the playing field)

The Club will bring two bands, a DJ, a bar selling beer, wine and soft drinks, games for children and more…..

You bring a picnic or snacks (if you want), a smile and….
…some good weather!!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Looking to get back into exercise in a gentle way but not sure how? Want to restart your social life? Then Jane Simons a qualified Dance/Fitness Tutor who lives in the village is running some taster sessions to register interest.

Community is at the heart of all Jane’s classes as she feels that by bringing people together through exercise encourages friendships, fun and improves overall health and well being. Ideally Jane would like to extend the exercise class, following on from her popular Bend,Stretch, Relax class in Walgrave, whereby there is the option of doing the class with a relaxing cuppa and a natter afterwards or forgetting the exercise and just coming along for the drink. For more information see contact details on the flyer.

bend,stretch flyer scaldwell website


When people asked politicians to be more honest I don’t think they meant THAT honest.

Scaldwell Club cordially invites you not to rush off after voting on June 8th.  Come and enjoy a drink and some “political” cheese – we’ll have Conservative Danish Blue, perhaps some Labour Red Leicester, some UKIP purple grapes…and that’s where our imagination has run out. But we’ll be watching some results come in and, whatever the result, Scaldwell Club will be its usual haven of light-hearted fun.

(Edit: thinking of some olives for the Green Party and the odd banana for the Lib Dems…..now Monster Raving Looney Party might need some further thought!)

Hope to see you there……

You may have noticed that much of the Ivy covering the pump and wall on The Green has been removed. As a result, it was discovered that the wooden box covering the old pump is in a bad state of repair.

However, rather than just repairing it, the Council would like to know if any fellow villagers would like to undertake a community project to repair/replace the existing wall, expose and repair the original pump, and make the whole area a feature of the village.

The council would of course be able to offer some assistance and guidance, but the aim is for this to become a village community led project, rather than a council initiative.

Please contact any of the councillors or the clerk (e-mail: scaldwellpc@gmail.com or Mobile: 07547505027) to express an interest.

Thank you.

Essential fundraising for our playing field!

Please come and join in the fun and help us raise money for the beautiful playing field in our village.

  • Trail around the village
  • Hunt for the clues on the field
  • Tombola
  • Raffle
  • Prizes
  • Refreshments
  • Guaranteed prize for every child that completes the hunt

Please note that the quiz trail around the village requires adult supervision in order to ensure child safety. Please accompany your child for this event.

To enter come to the playing field in Scaldwell to buy your ticket and get the clues!

Tickets: £2.50 per child

Kindly supported by:

This is a reminder to all residents, that there will be a tidy-up day taking place on Sunday 19 March between 10am and 12 noon, and offers of assistance would be most welcome.  Please turn up at the Playing Field at 10am if you are able to volunteer.

If you would like further details, please contact Lisa Callan the Parish Clerk, on 07547505027, or scaldwellpc@gmail.com

Open from 12 Noon until 4.30pm.

There will be at least 7 gardens open this year, including 3 new ones. Gardens vary from small cottage styles to grander gardens.

There will be an art exhibition and craft fair in the church and the all-important tea and cake will be available in the village hall.

Proceeds will go to the upkeep of St Peter and St Paul’s church in Scaldwell.

£4.00 for adults, accompanied children are free.

How to get event passports:
Buy ticket/map from any garden. All gardens will be clearly marked.

Details of other similar events can be found here: Open Gardens


Only yesterday, I was catching up on the Community Safety Partnership’s December report on Daventry crime. There was a bitter/sweet message that whilst thefts from vehicle had increased, the majority of that increase has been outside Daventry District which has seen a more moderate rise of 1.6%, keeping it one of the safer places in the county.

However, there is dismaying news to buck that trend this morning as the crime sheet shows an unprecedented series of vehicle crime over the past two days with eleven vehicle crimes on the rural patch and three in the town. There are some common themes, and I wanted to share these with our community so that whilst we investigate the crimes, you can assist by firstly being aware of the problems and trend, and secondly, ensuring that you don’t inadvertently make your vehicle attractive to thieves. I always worry about unduly increasing people’s fear of crime, but the feedback

I’ve had from recent communications has shown an appreciation across our community, of us candidly updating you on trends and advising how to prevent becoming a victim of that crime trend. So I produce this update which will be circulated via our various methods of contact. I reiterate that this series is unusual which is why I take the step of listing the crimes reported to us (and I am aware that some people don’t report crimes, so the problem may be worse). Rural vehicle crimes appear to be targeting predominantly commercial vehicles (for tools and plant) by force.

The town crimes appear to be targeting potentially insecure vehicles with property on view or accessible.

Rural crimes

 Weedon, Lancers Way – van moved from secure position, plant/tools stolen
 Weedon, Regency Close
– van window smashed, nothing stolen
 Weedon, Riverside Drive
– van window smashed, nothing stolen
 Weedon, Kings Park
– car window smashed, small change stolen, alarm activated
 Weedon, West Street
– car window smashed, nothing stolen
 Long Buckby, Spencer Road
– van window smashed, nothing stolen
 Newnham, Coronation Road
– van tampered with, nothing stolen
 Whilton, Brington Lane
– insecure car entered – items stolen
 West Haddon, Morrison Park Road
– van window smashed, nothing stolen
 Pitsford, Manor Road
– insecure car entered – handbag stolen from footwell
 Moulton, Doves Lane –
entry forced to van – tool safe stolen

Town Crimes

 Christchurch Drive – cash stolen from insecure car
 The Greenway
– insecure car entered – nothing stolen
 Tennyson Road
– iPod and small change stolen from insecure car

Key message
Please help us nip this trend in the bud by following the advice which I give in the light of the crimes that have occurred.

 Ensure all vehicles are locked. You may invalidate your insurance by not securing your vehicle.

 Leave nothing on display. You may You may know that the carrier bag on the back seat has (say) your gym kit in it, but the thief won’t. You may think that£20 worth of small change on display in the ashtray is minimal, but the thief won’t. You may have innocently left the charging lead dangling between the seats. However the thief will target the car to see if there is an electronic device attached to the other end!

 If you have a commercial van with tools in it, these vehicles are traditionally safe parked around our District other than at key locations. However, for the time being, consider making your tools and plant safer and leaving a notice visible to indicate that there is nothing of value left in the van overnight. Consider alarming your vehicle. For a relatively small amount (less than £50), you can purchase a movement detector which takes a SIM card which you can set (like a car alarm) which will text you and sound a 90dB siren when activated

 Keep an eye on your neighbour’s vehicle and report anything suspicious –you will not be criticised for reporting suspicious circumstances via 999. That’s what the emergency number is for. If you are victim of such a crime, please do report it. I know it is easy to ignore car alarms due to false alarms, but at the time being, I ask that if an alarm sounds, it is investigated. One of the Weedon victims reported a suspicious car leaving the area when the alarm sounded. Nearly all the other crimes have only been discovered by victims returning to their vehicle.

We have officers out in the community today following up leads, and officers promoting the prevention messages. I am aware that, other than our dwellings, a car or vehicle is often someone’s next-most-valuable asset. I’m equally aware of the hassle in having to have auto-glass replaced/repaired. That is why I wanted to share this information with you so you can help keep our District safe from harm. Thank you in anticipation.

With best wishes for a safe 2017

Yours faithfully


District Sergeant