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And Finally....

Sign in church.... "we regret that the box marked 'for the sick' must be restricted to monetary contributions"

Do I enjoy making jokes about criminal trials?  Guilty!

My bicycle won't stand up by itself.  It's two-tired. 

I was attacked last night by the numbers 1,3,5,7 and 9.   The odds were against me.

My dad always used to say to me "don't be too quick to find faults". Great dad, terrible seismologist. 

Went for a job at the trap-door factory but it's fallen through

As I get older, I remember the people I've lost along the way.  Also, why I got sacked as a tour guide.

Smiling Grandpa
Image by Tsuneya
Image by Dmitriy Frantsev
My bicycle won't stand up by itself.  It's two-tired.
Image by Alyssa Graham
Image by David Siglin
Image by Nick Fewings
Hair in Wind Wide
Girl Reading and Laughing
A Woman Laughing
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