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Scaldwell Traffic Management

As readers will be aware, there's an on-going problem with cars mounting the pavement on the East side of the High Street and driving, sometimes at speed. This has been discussed on and off by the Parish Council for the last 8 years. At the last Parish Council meeting it was stated that there was no data to support putting in a physical barrier. Instead it has been agreed to paint yellow lines on parts of the High Street.

As some villagers didn't want to wait, video evidence from the High Street was captured. The attached footage shows some 20 vehicles mounting the pavement in a two week period - and this was not an exhaustive count, just the ones caught on camera. The real number of incidents will be much higher.

We thank Rob for his tireless efforts in capturing this footage.

The question now is, what next? There is a real risk to pedestrians in Scaldwell. We have the evidence. What more do we need?

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