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Burns Supper is guid fun!

Scotland came to Scaldwell on Saturday night as the village hall resounded to Scottish music. The hall looked great and the guests turned up in Scottish kit to a greater or lesser extent!

Karen Pirie and June Keir, ably assisted by a team of volunteers from the Club, provided a superb traditional Scottish meal of soup, haggis and cranachan. The haggis was delicious!

The Selkirk Grace and the Address to A Haggis was brilliantly done by a suitable attired Callum who lent the occasion an air of authenticity. Karen told us about the colourful life of Robbie Burns before watching a video of "To A Mouse". Did we know that well-known phrase "the best laid plans of mice and men" came from this poem - well, we all did by the end of it.

And then it was time for Scottish Country Dancing: The Gay Gordons, the Dashing White Sergeant and Strip the Willow were all attempted, albeit with more enthusiasm than skill from most of the dancers despite Karen's skillful calling. But everyone was on their feet, no-one got seriously injured(!) and it was a great way to work off some of the calories from the meal.

Many thanks are due to Karen and June for all their hard work in preparing this most enjoyable evening, to Callum for being our MC, to Michelle, Sonia, Darren and Adele for helping with cooking and serving and of course Robbie Burns for inspiring this great tradition!

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